Honor20 Pro’s Main Camera Similar To Huawei P30 Pro

Honor20 Pro’s Main Camera Similar To Huawei P30 Pro

More info regarding the HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro camera sensor surfaced, and in addition to that, HONOR also officially announced that a special edition HONOR 20 Pro model is coming.

Honor 20 (Pro) cameras modeled after HONOR View20 & Huawei P30 Pro, kind of

Let’s focus on the camera info first, shall we. This information comes from a Twitter user called “Teme”, as he claims that the Honor 20 will utilize a custom IMX586 sensor, while the HONOR 20 Pro will ship with the IMX600 sensor on the back.

The custom IMX586 sensor is developed by both Huawei and Sony, the source notes, and that is a 48-megapixel unit that is already included on the HONOR View20. We’re looking at a sensor with a RYYB pixel layout here, though, which is actually the same pixel layout that Huawei used for the Huawei P30 Pro.

Just to be clear, the HONOR View20 uses a Quad-Bayer RGB pattern like the P20 Pro, not the RYYB setup from the P30 Pro. The HONOR View20 has a truly great camera, even by today’s standards, and based on this info, the HONOR 20 could be even better in that regard.

Now, in regards to the HONOR 30 Pro, that phone will include Sony’s IMX600 sensor, which is used in the Huawei P30 Pro, but it will include a regular RGGB pixel layout, not the RYYB setup as the Huawei P30 Pro. It will be interesting to see the comparison between the HONOR 20 and HONOR 20 Pro cameras, if this info ends up being accurate.

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